Tale'13 Tee - theULTRAMATIC* / Rollneck longline tee - ASOS /
skinny biker jeans - Virginblak / Simulation Sneakers - Yifang Wang x Samuel Yang / Rings - Joshua Hall*

It wasn't dark enough when I took these pictures to see the glow of the sneakers like in my last post with them on. I can't stop wearing them, they're just too good. I'd wear them all the time if I could but i'm trying really hard not to get them dirty haha. I've not even had to recharge them yet since I got them which is awesome. 

I thought i'd layer my ASOS turtleneck under my ultramatic tee to make the whole look a bit smarter, streetwear + suave? no? I'm so embarrassing haha. theULTRAMATIC is a relatively new streetwear label with an awesome selection of tees check out their instagram here.

Again wearing Joshua Hall rings because I don't ever want to take them off. 
I literally wear the same/similar things all the time haha.

I move back to London next week so between now and then at some point, I will have to pack. 
I am not looking forward to this. But I am looking forward to moving in with my friends and living in London again, it's only been two months but Manchester really drags things out aha.

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Hope you're having a good week!