Just Askin'

White Shirt - Religion/ Tiger Sweater - Kenzo /Leather Shorts - Taobao / Platform Brogue - eBay

Hey guys! Hope you're all okay, It was my birthday yesterday and the sun was shining, I'm gonna do a separate post about the day later on about what I got up to, If you follow me on Instagram then you might already know! It was a perfect day and the weather finally sorted itself out and stopped raining ^____^ !

Since the suns come out it's also been time to whip out the leather shorts - which are probably the silliest thing to wear in this heat because they stick to my legs and they do make me really hot aha U_U'

Also  I'm looking like a schoolboy here but w/e it was my birthday and I wanted to look smarter than I usually do so Ta-da* !

I would like to invest in some more shirts because I only have like two.... Also I'm going on holiday next week with my boy and some friends and I have like 0 clothes to wear... I have one pair of swimming shorts (black) and some new Birkenstocks which I need to post on here because they're AWESOMEEEEE. But I can't wear that for a week?

Or can I....?

as always comment/talk to me/message me/leave me hate on tumblr, seems to be the vibe right now?
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