400 Lux

Faux Leather Cap - ASOS /4 Card Tee - KTZ /Leather Shorts - Taobao / Zip Underground Creepers - ASOS

I'm writing this whilst sat in a cafe in Greenwich right by my house. I'm annoyed because I have the worst landlord like ever? I pay a lot to live where I do every month because I always think I'd rather pay more to live in a nice place and be relaxed/enjoy being at home. Considering that I work from home and spend a lot of time there It's really important to me. The property manager is supposed to pay all the bills and he is so useless though a lot of the time the bills don't get paid and the house is without electricity and right now we don't have wi-fi. Meaning I have to do my work whilst hopping around Cafes & crashing my friends houses to whore out their wi-fi haha. I just want to live with my friends In a place of our own, one day guys, one day haha. 

ANYWAY house rants aside....

The weather in London is perfect right now and getting me in the mood for my trip to Bulgaria on friday. I'm really interested to see what I wear over summer and on holiday because everything I own is leather/black.
I've got some new pieces for holiday which I can wear around the pool and for general day wear. I try and cover up as much as I can because I'm so fair I burn easily and get so many freckles it's untrue.

What's everyone else been up to? Is it sunny where you are? :3 ! 

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I've still not written about my birthday but I'll be sure to do a post before I leave this week! 


  1. Love the top so much !

  2. Your shoes are so great! *-*

    Have fun in Bulgaria!

    I don't know what to wear in Japan for summer because it's so humid and hot. Where I live, it's a very dry heat so it's a tad less awful. Right now, I'm guessing I'll just buy a lot of flowy cover ups in order to avoid the the sun this summer.

  3. Loving those shoes! Looking forward to your future posts. (:

    <3 Carsla
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