(Spitalfield Store - 15 Lamb Street) 

I don't wear this Biker Jacket as much as I should, It's a classic piece and I should get it out more often. Do you ever do that? Get a piece of clothing, Love it... but never wear it?! What the hell is wrong with us haha. 

These images were taken by my friend and blogger Mikko. We took a trip to the V&A and did some outfit shots around the beautiful building! I always shoot in the same place near my house so it's really refreshing to have a new back drop. I'm going to try and venture out a bit more to get my outfit shots looking less 'samey'.

I had sort of a mid-life crisis this week and got a pair of BLUE JEANS?!?! I looked at them for so long and this shade of blue was just not right so I'm returning them and getting a black pair instead haha. I will find the perfect blue jeans eventually... maybe more grey/blue? haha if you know of any good ones let me know! :)

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See you soon!


Beret - Ebay
Long Sleeve Top - Represent*
Boots - Dr. Martens*
(Spitalfields Store)

Hey Guys! I'm really enjoying the brand C2H4 - look how awesome their pieces are! This bomber jacket is full of reflective panels, writing, zips and attachments that give it so much detail. The biker jeans also have straps that can fasten up to loads of places on the jeans. Definitely the most exciting things that i've worn in a long time, the thought of someone grabbing the straps does put me off a little bit haha so I keep them on the belt at the moment but they can attach to the bottom of the jeans too. 

I got inspired by Astrid Andersens show at LCM , all the models had Military berets on and I was like damn I really like that! so I found one on ebay for like £4.99?! and I really really like it. I'm definitely becoming a hat person haha.

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Hey everyone! Hope you've had a lovely week, I wanted to share this outfit that I wore to work the other day, I actually took these pictures on my lunchbreak at work haha.  A lot of people ask me who takes my pictures and most of the time it's just a tripod with self timer....! 

I love these Culottes and they're so warm however I did trip over them a few times, I kept having to hoist them up like a big skirt haha! But I love how they look and they're really fun to wear. The ASOS sweater is a personal favourite, it's mohair so it's really furry and the white stripes balance out this outfit with the white soles on my shoes ^___^ ! I was dressed like this a few weeks ago and some drunk guy on the tube was like ' what the hell are you, are you a rabbi?' then kept asking me questions about why I was wearing these clothes and that he felt sorry for me.... He was drunk at 1pm on a Saturday by himself on the underground, wearing dirty looking scruffy clothes. I just chose not to respond because people like this aren't worth speaking to haha. I find it odd how someone can just talk to a random person and try and make them feel bad about what they're wearing?

Ah well.... 

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Ripped Biker Jeans - DIY

I always seem to write out these things when I'm in a rush! Thank you to everyone who does read this section :) - I'm going to be having some discount codes for my favourite sites soon that will only be posted in the text bit here so if you do come onto my page it's like a little token of my appreciation haha. So keep your eyes peeled! 

I'm really enjoying this grid print shirt from ASOS and the wool overcoat is a dream, so easy to just throw on. My GRASP boots are still going strong and getting comfier and comfier each time I wear them. This is sort of like a go -to outfit if I want to look smart/casual.

What's your go-to outfit? 

Have a good week! :) 


How's everyones weekend been? I've had such a good week, my boyfriends here visiting and I've had a couple of days of work. It's so relaxing to wake up whenever you want. I also went to see Cirque De Soleil on Friday and it was AMAZING! I recommend you go and see it if you can :) unfortunately you can't take pictures inside but you can see videos on youtube. Check out the 'Wheel of Death'.

Blah blah blah, Enough about my life! This outfit is so comfortable - Skirts make you feel so free haha. But also it's quite cold right now so I probably should've worn a pair of leggings with this. You know if you'd said to me when I was growing up that I would be wearing a skirt when I'm 22 and not give it a second thought I wouldn't have believed you. This Ada + Nik skirt look a bit like shorts and the fabrics are clean cut and strong, I think all these elements make it a really masculine piece. It seamlessly fits into my wardrobe and I really enjoy changing things up a bit. Of course my Represent pieces keep popping back up just because of how good quality they are and how much I enjoy wearing them. 

What do you think of the man - skirt?