Blood, Sweat, Tears

Leather Cap - ASOS/Essential Sweater - ADYN/Skinny Jeans - Topman / Tier 0 Nike Air Max - Net a Porter/ Rucksack - Lost Mannequin

You see what I mean when I say I wear the same clothes over and over again? Buy less , choose well. 
These kinds of pieces might not be exciting when you buy them, or you might not be in awe of them when they're in the store/online but believe me, I wear at least one of these pieces every single day. So when you next buy clothes just think, 'Will I Wear this?' If it's more expensive but you will wear it 24/7 It's worth the investment. 

Bleh, me ranting about buying the right clothes haha, also check my sad face in this pic, I've reached new levels of sadness. In reality I'm actually really happy.

I've had an awesome easter weekend with friends, I think I had too much alcohol. Probably wont touch it again until my trip to Bulgaria next month, It's also my birthday too which I'm dreading U_U. I feel like I'm incredibly old and my life is slipping away.... anyone else that's 21 feel like that? haha

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Don't Need Y'all

Leather Cap - ASOS/4 Card Tee - KTZ/Skinny Jeans - Topman / Tier 0 Nike Air Max - Net a Porter/ Rucksack - Lost Mannequin

I guess I should say Happy Easter? I've not had any chocolate today, I don't really get the whole easter thing, egg hunts are cute and stuff but I just see it like any other day. Infact the best thing that's happened today is booking a trip away with my friends at the start of the summer which will be awesomeeeee. I've not been abroad since Amsterdam last year and I can't wait.

I wanted the celebrate the awesome-ness of this KTZ tee, it's from the womens AW13 collection, which was inspired by Tarot Cards and It was so good, I got this tee from Doshaburi because it was actually cheaper to get it from Spain than it was in the London store, lol. It's oversized much like all KTZ tops, big and baggy, sometimes I wear it with a long sleeved tee underneath or poking out of a sweater like here. The design on the back is my favourite bit, the castle in the goblet : 3 there are so many T-shirts out there it's difficult for me to find any that I really like and this is just perfect. 

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Leather Cap - ASOS/Essential Sweater - ADYN/Creature Sweatpants - Christopher Kane / 574 New Balance - ASOS

Dislike my face in this picture but whatever, my blogs about clothes and food, not about my face. Londons been beautiful the past couple of days but now I fear it's getting cold again, I actually went to work in shorts yesterday haha (here). It's the easter weekend and my good friend Amy is coming to stay with me! ^.^ I love showing people around and taking them to eat at all the places I love, also to try new places too! It's easy to get stuck in a routine here so It's good to change things up once in a while. That can't really be said for my outfits though because yet again, black sweater, black hat, black trainers but WHAT'S THIS?! Oh yeah awesome sweatpants. 

I love Christopher Kane womenswear and I'm so glad that his menswear is actually good (not such a fan of AW14 atm but we'll breeze past that). His SS15 mens is awesome but what I really look for in each season is a piece that I can wear all year round, something that I will pick up in a couple of months and be like yaaaaay clothes! Most colourful pieces seem to fade into the background as each season passes, swept up in the whirlwind of trends etc.

The print of the sweatpants comes from Universal x Christopher Kane based on old horror movies, this one I think is from Creature of the Black Lagoon, there was a matching hoody which looked great but I didn't fancy the monsters face enough. When I opened them up I thought they were like some incredibly rare grey meat. :3 (I'm weird I know). But yeah I think they're awesome and so comfortable because they're sweatpants (duh).

Also those New balances are reflective xD which is the best thing EVER!

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Impossible Is Nothing

Leather Cap - ASOS/Essential Sweater - ADYN/Skort - Zara /black leggings/ Nike Air Max - Net a Porter

Another Outfit from the black hole that is my wardrobe. These are pretty much my go - to pieces right now considering the weather and the comfort of all these badboys, that Zara Skort is like woahhh, I love the cut and the price haha, DRKSHDW inspired or whaaaaaaat. 

I've been to some really good restaurants around London recently so I'm going to post some food posts soon! If you follow me on Instagram you'll see that I have an obsession with south east asian cuisine.... I'm probably just going to tell you guys about all the different kinds of Katsu Curry that London has to offer lmao. No but seriously it will mainly be Korean/Japanese and Chinese food posts because that's all I eat. The weathers been real nice recently which has in turn burnt my face but whatever. I can't stop listening to Iggy Azalea hence the posts title, I've been trying to find some decent music for ages though, y'know something that when you listen to it, you get really excited? or think 'damn I really wanna listen to that song right now' but 2014, you got nothing so far. Bleh. 

me when I hear about a good restaurant 

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Leather Cap - ASOS/Extra Long College Coat - Blackblessed/Silver Spine Necklace - OS Accessories /Oversized T Shirt - eBay/Coated Jeans - Topman/White Platform Sole Brogues - eBay

(Apologies for my moody face, as always) I really want to talk about two brands that I'm really passionate about, Blackblessed and OS Accessories. You might have seen them before on my blog, they're two brands that I feel really strongly about and very proud to wear. Blackblessed is an Italian brand and is run by my friend Floriana, sleek and modern with strong gothic vibes and now with a menswear collection too, it is just perfect. They have an awesome blog which is full of fashion/lifestyle posts you can find it here. I'd seen the womenswear whilst browsing online before but what really brought the brand to my attention was the collaboration between Blackblessed and one of my favourite bloggers Ivania Carpio. Together they produced a capsule collection of 4 pieces you can see them here. I love it when small brands collaborate with the right bloggers because it's an organic growth for the brand and for the blogger plus Ivania/Blackblessed styles worked perfectly together. 

In the summer last year I managed to meet up with Floriana at her pop up concession in the Oxford Circus Topshop (you can see the post I did here). It's now a full time concession and I'm really happy to see Blackblessed for sale in central London. Late last year they launched their first menswear collection, it's dark, textured and certainly keeps the gothic vibe from the womenswear. I'm a big fan of varsity jackets (who isn't) and this hybrid coat come varsity jacket hits the nail on the head in terms of outerwear. It has faux leather sleeves and silver buttons that run all the way down, It's basically floor length making me feel like I should be in the matrix or something. Catching the tube has never felt so epic. So there's a bit about Blackblessed, check out their instagram here.

OS Accessories is based in the Philippines and run by my friend Paul, I was a fan of his blog Paul Highness (I would link it but I think its gone :'( ! but fear not , his instagram is here) he posted amazing outfit shots whilst wearing his awesome bone accessories. OS accessories creates pieces based on the human skeleton, from vertebrae to knuckles you name it. Their next collections evolved and took on different vibes but still in keeping with the bone aesthetic, from taking sea creatures like lobsters and crabs and indulging on oil and iridescent tones to their most recent Vol. 4. Which has taken a more gothic/wicca route and includes pieces like the  devil monkey and majick owl necklaces.

OS has been featured in a ton of publications , worked with loads of brands including Solestruck, is stocked worldwide from NY to Tokyo and been worn by G-Dragon in his music video for Michigo. *fap fap fap* All in all an amazing brand that you should definitely keep an eye on. Follow their instagram here

Thanks for taking time to check this out and hope that you like these brands as much as I do. 
What're your favourite brands?

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Leather Cap - ASOS/Tiger Sweater - Kenzo/4 Card Tee- KTZ/Jeans - Topman/Nike Air Maxim 1

It's been a long time coming but I've finally found time to do outfit posts, I''ve got a lot more lined up too so if you have me on facebook (here), Twitter (here), Instagram (here) or Tumblr (here) expect your news feeds to be full of my black and white ensembles U_U. I've had a bit of a redesign here on the blog and got my glorious URL that is , also been busy with my brand 
Aeon Elysium for which I'm currently preparing the new collection.

So the outfit! The leather cap from ASOS is the best £12 I've ever spent, I've worn this for like 2 years now, I do take it off and been trying to wear it less lately because well my head needs to breathe. But there's a certain comfort/security in wearing it that I really like. The sweater I treated myself to at the end of last year, I got my final paycheck from the X Factor and ran straight to the Kenzo store on Bond Street frothing at the mouth like 'DO YOU HAVE THE BLACK AND WHITE ONE?!' They did. 
The T-shirt from KTZ I got from a spanish stockist but I believe is now in the sale on the KTZ Site.
The jeans just spray on skinny from Topman and the Nikes were in the sale just after christmas on Net-A-Porter! They're perfect because they're only black and white, I clean them nearly everyday and haven't really worn any other shoes since January.....

I literally live in a rotation of the same small wardrobe, my friends are always like umm Joel didn't you wear that yesterday/last time I saw you? I'm like YEAH WHATEVER

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Aeon Elysium SS14


The SS14 capsule collection I designed for Aeon Elysium is finally online, the two embroidered two piece is a limited edition and only available here.

Please let me know your thoughts, 

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