Good morning everyone! I hope your week went well, I wanted to show you guys my new pieces i've picked up recently, this grey wool coat from River Island is making me feel so dapper and suave, the cut is perfect and the zip pockets and a nice touch. Also I picked up a long length black shirt from River Island, just keep topping up on basics like that really as I keep finding myself without any clothes to wear?! haha I feel like I have no clothes but then when I actually separate all of the black clothing from the abyss of black - I actually have quite a bit to play around with. 

I can't stop wearing my ASOS wide brim fedora but it's so windy in London that it keeps blowing off my head which is highly embarrassing/annoying so I now just walk around with my hand on my head holding my hat 24/7 haha. 

Although I wear a lot of black and stuff blah blah blah, I've been admiring grey a lot recently. So expect to see some grey working its way into my wardrobe! But there will still be plenty of black haha :D !

My first week at my new job at Net-A-Porter was awesome I've really settled in well and feel part of the team already which is great, It's a really exciting place to work. I can't wait for Christmas though! I'm heading back up to Manchester for  a few days so that should be nice, I've not been up north in months and I think a break from London life is much needed. 

Bit of an essay today isn't it? I guess since I missed my YouTube video last week (which I'm still really annoyed at myself for!) I feel the need to chat lots - I should be filming one today so keep your eyes peeled for the upload this evening! 

What do you think of this outfit eh? 


Hey everyone! how's your week going so far? My monday was awesome. I started a new job and I had a really nice first day, let's see what the rest of the first week brings! This outfit is a go-to one that I wear all the time, especially since London is freeeeezing right now. This Parka and Rollneck keep me warm and the coated jeans add some texture to the overall look. 

Let me know what you've been up to! or what you think of the outfit in the comments below :)

See you later in the week! 


Hey guys, hope everyones had a lovely week! Here is an outfit wearing some pieces from a brand I've loved for awhile now  - BLEACH PROJECT INC, (tumblr). In terms of menswear Bleach really push the boundaries and their eye catching pieces are stocked on The Unconventional Store! I'm wearing the quilt zip t-shirt and a long length roll neck  - all black everything. I start my new job at Net - A - Porter tomorrow and I cannot wait! how's everyones weeks been? :) 

Royal China Baker Street

24-26 Baker Street 

If you follow me on Instagram you'll know that one of my favourite meals is Dim Sum. Last week I went to Royal China Baker Street for lunch to see what Dim Sum they had to offer. Me and my friends usually head to China Town and try a different restaurant each time. Royal China is different, it's just off Oxford Street and has a more luxurious vibe than any restaurant in China Town. 

I always get my favourites and sample some new ones at the same time - the best being Char Siu Bao ( barbecue pork filled bun). The usuals that I order include Cheung Fun (Meat filled rice rolls), Shumai (pork dumplings) and the deep fried prawn balls. All of which were delicious from Royal China, their Char Siu Bao is one of the best I've had in London - so light and fluffy and extremely tasty. 

We tried some new things like the roast duck filled buns and some beancurd prawn rolls along with Royal Chinas new bubble tea drinks which were awesome. You never really get fruit flavoured bubble tea on the menu at Dim Sum so it's really nice that they've introduced it here. 

We samples some mains as well like the crispy shredded beef in the birds nest and a chicken in black bean sauce with crispy noodles which were also excellent. The noodles had a really distinct taste.

Although the price is a little higher than your average dim sum - the service, atmosphere and quality of the food make up for it. So if you're ever around central London and fancy some Dim Sum then definitely try Royal China on Baker Street. 


Patch Hoodie - KTZ (Similar here)
Longline Duster - ASOS (here - on sale)
Ferposa Backpack - Lucid Moxie (here)
Layered Shirt - MLTV (here)
Spray on skinny jeans - Topman (here)
 GRASP boots - Dr.Martens (here)

Morning everyone! I hope you have a lovely start to the week, I thought I'd share with you an outfit from this weekend, I feel like a warlock/wizard and it makes me so happy aha. I watched Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters last week (awful film but nice aesthetic aha) so that maybe why. The pointed hood of the KTZ hoodie adds an extra spooky vibe. I layered a lot of black in this outfit and I feel like it works really well. Anyway aha have you checked out my Christmas Giveaway?! (here) I'm giving away a Topman biker jacket and a Watch! :) Also I quit my job last week because  I got offered a new one! I'm really excited about the change and can't wait to show you guys where I'll be working from now on!