Photography by Tom Buck (website/instagram)

Hey Guys! Happy Saturday! I had a very important meeting the other day so I decided to stick to my roots and wear all black. I wore my new Alias shoe from Allsaints along with a new pair of biker denim from Represent - I have to say the Alias shoe are the comfiest shoes I've worn in a long time especially for brand new leather shoes! I was saying on YouTube that I was looking for the perfect creeper shoe and these are those. The new biker denim are also extremely well fitting and the distressed biker detail is awesome. 

I teamed the new pieces with a longline tee and a denim jacket. I felt smart/sophisticated but also casual? idk. You know? 


Hey Guys! How's your week going? I finally got to wear my new ASOS Kimono the other day. It's quite different to my previous Kimono from ASOS. The last one (here) is from their Reclaimed Vintage brand and this one is ASOS own brand. The Reclaimed Vintage one is a sturdier fabric and retains its shape. The ASOS own brand one is silkier and quite drapey - I really like both of them and they're both better for different reasons. The Silky croc one is better for a hot day when you want to layer without being too warm. I could see the Reclaimed Vintage one even crossing into my autumnal wardrobe when worn with layers etc. A 'Transitional' piece if you like. 

Anyway! What do you think about mens Kimonos? 


Photography by Olivia Emily

Fred Ball Boots - 1-900*

Hey Guys! Hope you've ha a good Friday, I'm so excited for the weekend. This week seemed to drag so slowly?! I really enjoy being able to wear my Suede biker jacket though. I've worn it quite a lot recently. I find it goes best with an all black outfit and smarter shoes rather than sneakers. I like how the biker goes with my studded boots giving me western kind of vibes? yknow? maybe it's just me that thinks this. It's only very slight but it's just what I like. Subtle vibes haha. Am I even making any sense? 

Anyway I hope you like this look and I uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel the other day showing you guys my shoe collection. You can see it here!


Sneakers - Axel Arigato*

Hey guys, how's your week going? Me and Mikko were exploring central London and stumbled across this statue in the middle of the road near Piccadilly circus. I was wearing my Forever 21 tee and shorts with my Topman biker thrown over the top. I always like to team my biker with more relaxed looks to elevate the whole outfit. I love the black metal structures and definitely want to explore more of central London to find sweet spots like this.

I'm really looking forward to getting home tonight and filming my new YouTube video, it's only been over a week since my last one but it feels far too long.

Any questions just ask! :) have a great day.